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Hurray!Prof. Abhijit Banerjee @ Kolkata

Hi there, What's up I'm going to share with you about Mr. Banerjee, who have reached his home town ,Calcutta this evening.I think everyone knows him, he is one of the recipient of this year Noble for Economics, Mr. Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee, who shared his Noble with other two fellow researchers Mrs. Esther Duflo (Prof. Banerjee's spouse)& Mr. Michele Kremer.

Now , let me share some of the facts of Mr. Banerjee. Born at #Dhule- #Maharastra , called as Jhima Da as nick name,Studied in South Point School.As a student in his school he was bit shy and roamed in his own world , I think most of the great man have their own world that other's couldn't understand easily. Anyways, after his school , he studied in erstwhile #PresidencyCollege( now #PresidencyUniversity ) in #Calcutta and got his BSc. in Economics. His father Prof. Dipak Banerjee used to be the Head of the Dept. on those days.

While studying he did one thing that many of us really dare to do he spotted a mistake in his teacher's write -up that was going to be published . Now when his teacher was interviewed he reported that he was quite sure that this boy is remarkably talented at that stage.

Let me share one thing his #handwriting was not up to the mark when he was in #School.

After completed his studies in Calcutta , he went to Delhi and did his MA in Economics from #JNU. In 1988 , he got his PHD. from Harvard University, USA.

Now the actual working started , he determined to make a thesis or way out how to alleviate poverty or in other words how to eradicate Poverty. After many experiments he founded JPAL and continues work in same field .His Books Poor Economics acclaimed a great success for him. The methodology or techniques he usually used in his experiments actually called Randomized Controlled Trials or or #RCT. RCT actually most prevalent in Clinical trials and so many other Economist don't find this relevant in this field studies as to them Human Behavior is much complex and it depends other factors like Gender, Religion, Community and many more socio- economic factors. So just giving incentives to the Below Poverty Level or under privileged person wont alleviate Poverty. Anyways, Prof. Banerjee's work highly appreciated by Swedish Society and The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel was given to Prof. Amitabh Vinayak Banerjee along Prof. Esther Duflo & Prof. Michele Kremer , all three of them jointly shared the prize money.

To night will be great night for inhabitants of Calcutta who will celebrates the boy from Calcutta who got the most prestigious prize Noble Prize.

You can get all this info by watching this video

So this for to-nite please stay in this section for more interesting topics. Please add your comments and please share any info about other Noble Laureate and also about Prof. Banerjee.

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