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Terms of Service &  Privacy Policy(ies)

SB sTuDio neither collects personal data from the websites nor from the SB sTuDio! Pro App. Those who wanted to join SB sTuDio .They have to contacts through email with filled up form that can be downloaded from the site itself or they can directly call us through phone. 

Moreover, SB sTuDio never share the personal data of applicants or Clientele,  associated with SB sTuDio to third parties .Third parties are those who are not associated with SB sTuDio or its Strategic Unit.

If any Advertiser collects any data from the App or Websites , SB sTuDio, is not liable to be  responsible. While clicking any advertisements be alert and please cross check with the original sites ,they are intended to offer.

SB sTuDio! Pro , is the products that have being developed by SB sTuDio for easy access to its parent sites by the prospective clients and members who wanted to join SB sTuDio.

Information that our clients or members shared with us only to scrutinize them so that whether we can deliver the service to them or those applicants are eligible to be part of SB sTuDio as members.

Our intention is not collects personal data. SB sTuDio is only dedicated to creates  the best creative works for its Clientele.

We at SB sTuDio are really concerned about Privacy of the Clients and the associates of SB sTuDio.








© All Rights Reserved.SB sTuDio 2020

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