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Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Hi guys, myself Prabesh , CEO & Co- Founder of SB sTuDio after two years of journey , SB sTuDio finally set up its new website for creative people to come in. The two year journey is really hectic one and while recollecting those earlier days of neonatal stage of SB sTuDio my eyes got moistened , believe me I never thought off about that performance of SB sTuDio creating as many as 216 videos for the YouTube Channel #BongVoyageWithEcoScape.

Let me share some facts about how SB sTuDio started its production, it was 17th.Aug'17 , when BongVoyage!With EcoScape was conceptualized by me I couldn't make out who will going to make the content for the Channel .....I mean the production unit and then a catchy name given and SBsTuDio evolved like a messiah to give support to BongVoyage!With EcoScape.

At present many beautiful films was created rather made by this #Studio.

New concepts ,new innovative ideas evolved in every phases of life and those idea later transformed into screenplay and whole world watched it as documentaries or film or even a travel #vlog .Our latest production Upeksha....last ignorance attracts many to join our team.

I , therefore, welcomes everyone to contribute to this blogs if they wants to share something and might be it can transformed into film. Anyone who really have strong desire of creativity can comments on new age film making.Let's make this site a creative paradise for every.

See You Soon........

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BongVoyage!With EcoScape
BongVoyage!With EcoScape

It's really good to see this that after long journey SBsTuDio have its own digital platform. BongVoyage!With EcoScape really thanks all the team members of SB sTuDio for supporting us . Without SB sTuDio BongVoyage!With EcoScape cant be here.Really thank you

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