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Mr. Prabesh Barua is the CEO,  Creative Head  and Co-Founder of SB sTuDio.
With 16 years of experience in Corporate fields including Banking, presently he is  overall in charge of creative assignments for clients of SB sTuDio.

SB sTuDiO  , a sole proprietor company  for film & music production , started its journey a year back.With in one year of  its journey SB sTuDiO  produced as many  as over two hundred videos including over 20 short films , 10 music videos, more than 100 documentaries & 10 ad films and many more. So while thinking about film a feature , short films or a we b series you can rely on SB sTuDio .


Service & Products  of  SB sTuDio

SB sTuDio  has wide range of services & products for  its  Clientele in India & Abroad

Core Production:

Film Production:  Be its an  AD film,  Feature film , video production for Web series ,Event film ,short film or documentaries from Pre to Post  Production all  included.

Story idea to final film all covered by SB sTuDio  .

To know the details of the products/projects offered by  SB sTuDio please visit

Our PRODUCT section.


Recording: For Dubbing for videos or films

Music Production: Song writing , Recording, Mixing,  Rendering and making audio formats.


Allied Services:

Distribution: SB sTuDio can arrange to   distribute the  final products of the clients to its distribution partner  BongVoyage!With EcoScape at affordable pricing .

Video Editing/Film Editing:  SB sTuDio also edits film or video as post production endeavors.

Graphic Designing

Website Designing

SB sTuDio  also excel in  photography & cinematography for Portfolio making /Model Shoot /Pre –Wedding /Wedding/Post Wedding with customization by our clients.However, this service is exclusively handled by our SBU ,  PiXL.

To know more about this section please visit our         page


So now question is Why SB sTuDio?

There  are 5 USP’s  why one will trust or depends on SB sTuDio   for  video  production .


First one is EXPERIENCE  so Clients will  be at ease after giving the assignments to  SB sTuDio 

It has   produced over 200 videos within two years and some of them are master strokes. So experience is one of the most vital reason in creating any products in a Production House.

Second ,  Innovative CONCEPTS


After making or handling so many films SB sTuDio offers unique concepts  to the clients  .

Mr. Prabesh is CEO & Creative Head of  SB sTuDio, and all assignments  personally scrutinized  by him .To know about him please visit Our TEAM Members

Third, PROMOTION , after making the Products for the  clients SB sTuDio can promote it to different social media  sites at free of cost and also can be distributed with minimal charges to  YouTube Channel of our digital partners.

Fourth, WONDERFUL TEAM who will work at their best  to serve every clients needs as we believe  Client Satisfaction should be the first priority.

To know our Wonderful Team Members please visit our  Our TEAM Members

Finally , PRICING, as after all Cost is one that can change one’s decision…….

But you are at the right place as SB sTuDio  is only Production Company that gives the Clients The Best Product at competitive , affordable Price. We have wide range of service that fits anyone’s  budget……..

To know the details of the products/projects offered by  SB sTuDio please visit

Our PRODUCT section.

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