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Silver:     This is the Basic Product  that starts with 2 actors and a one day project.

                Price:20,000/-  INR***

Gold:     It’s a bit higher product comprising  3 actors  and two day projects

               Price:29,000/- INR***

Diamond: It’s a three day shooting with 5 actor with the pocket pinch of  66,000/- INR***

Platinum: It’s  a  5 day shooting with 10 actor with the pocket pinch of  1,30,000/- INR***

Titanium : It’s a 10 day project and one of the exclusive project  and approximately costs 3,70,000/- INR ***

***Please note  there  will be additional  Rs. 5000/- in all sections for Pre-Production Charges***

****All this service rate may vary a bit  with shooting date ,time,  locations as this are illustrative and  are in basic  pricing mode****

In this category all Products are in DAY BASIS  pricing . And so there is less chance of  Price fluctuation in total Pricing . Additional 

5000/- will be levied as usual in all five  projects .

Silver Plus : Two Actor project with Price tag of  17,430/- INR /day or one shift

Gold Plus:  It’s a 5 actor project with Pricing of  23,140/- INR/day  or one shift

Diamond Plus : It’s a  7 actor project & costs may varies between  39000/- to 41000/- INR/day or one shift

Platinum Plus:  10 actor project with pocket pinch   of  60,714/- INR per day or one shift

Titanium Plus:  10 actor project but a exclusive project with industry standard high end camera can be used like Alexa Arri, Red Epic, Canon Mark 5D etc. with pricing between  97,000  INR to 100000/- per day or one shift  

Luxury  Category

Luxury Plus Category

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